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Text and photo: Knut Randem,
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

A compact Dreamer on Ford

Rapido's daughter brand Dreamer takes the consequence of the problems of obtaining chassis from Fiat to build motorhomes on. Peugeot and Ford offer new opportunities. The Transit 2T became the alternative for the D51.

Compact Dreamer D51 comes in 2023 edition on Ford Transit 2T. The compact novelty measures just 280 cm on the plinth and creeps in length under 6 meters by 2 cm. The width is also modest at 206 cm. D51 has four seats and three beds. The beds are divided into a transverse double bed at the back and a drop-down bed that the manufacturer believes is only for one person.

Provided that the weight is not too great, we believe that two lovers can lie together there. The lower bed is wide for two people at one end and narrows to one person at the other end.

Combi heating

The D51 comes standard with a 170 hp engine and automatic transmission. The motorhome is heated with Truma Combi diesel, so there may be sufficient space for only a small gas bottle. The refrigerator, on the other hand, is a decent 140 liters and is compressor-driven. Refrigerators with compressors are operated with 12v or 220v as is known. The D51 comes standard in a silver color with the name "Moondust". The interior is delivered in appealing light Nordic wood colours. On the electrical side, the D51 comes with AGM batteries as standard, but lithium can be selected as an option. It is prepared for solar panels. If you want more light in the lounge, you can also get a large skylight in the front.

Comfort package

Dreamer delivers a comfort and style package with, among other things, better front seats, electric mirror defrosting, multimedia system with connection for Apple car play and Android auto, reversing camera and electric assistance when closing the sliding door. The model can also be upgraded with several driver assistance systems and, among other things, a heated windscreen. When got to see the D51 at a press screening in Majenne at the turn of June/July, only a model with a French logo was available. In France, Dreamer is called Campervere. The pictures in this article show the D51 with the French logo. Apart from the logo, the Norwegian and French editions are identical. Production of the Dreamer D51 will start later this summer.

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