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Text: Knut Randem
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, September 4

Adria presents: A new generation Altea

Adria's popular caravan Altea has been given a lighter and brighter interior and a new generation of exterior design

"With the new Altea we have built a caravan over the new generation style from our recent launches of Alpina and Adora with a new elegant and soft interior design with comfort, simple practical features, many new storage solutions and a choice of floor plans, textiles and soft furnishings », says product manager Erna Povh at Adria Caravan. "Our designers did what they could to save weight, provide more storage space and extra functionality. The weight is reduced by optimizing the furniture construction, new materials in the structure and the use of the AL-KO VarioX chassis on larger models."

Smooth surfaces

The Altea's new exterior design is of smooth GRP, has a large front window (in most layouts) and LED lights at the rear. The new body also features Symalite® thermoplastic composite material, which is lighter and has better insulation and recycling properties. Altea is available on AL-KO chassis (1 kg or 500 kg on Vario X chassis, 1 kg on standard chassis).

Multiple layouts

During the press screening in Slovenia, we got to see the Altea 552 PK and Altea 502 UL. 552 PK has a lounge/dining area in the middle of the carriage, a double bed at the front and bunks for three people at the back. With the saloon up, this model provides sleeping space for as many as seven people. This model is 551 cm long.

502 UL has a classic round seater at the front and single beds at the rear. All in all, there should be sleeping places for five people in this model, which is 502 cm long. Both models are supplied with a 50 liter fresh water tank and gray water tank can be supplied as an option. A total of ten furnishing variants must be available.

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