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Text and photo: Jørgen E. Snoen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, September 4

NBCC names: TC-Plass of the Year 2019 Gullvåg Camping

Gullvåg Camping in Midtre Gauldal municipality is a wonderful and real family-run campsite for the whole family. The selection of the TC place of the year took place on 26 June 2020 in glorious summer weather in Trøndelag.

Gullvåg Camping is a true representative of NBCC Topp Camping site. The Nyberg family receives the guests in the best way. The actual presentation of the award NBCC Top Campsite of the Year 2019 was carried out by NBCC's camping inspectors Inger and Bjørn Johansen. Esten Gullvåg started the campsite which is located directly between the river Igla and E6 to receive road users who needed accommodation with their tents after World War II.

Well kept

Oddfrid and Odd Asbjørn currently run the campsite which they took over from his parents in 1988. At the presentation of the NBCC TC site 2019 of the year award, Odd Asbjørn's mother, Aud Nyberg, was present. She thus got to see that what she and her husband carried on after Esten Gullvåg, has become a great campsite that visiting camping families have named TC Camp of the Year 2019. Oddfrid and Odd ensure that there are always well-kept pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes. The place and has 25 cabins (18 with bathroom). It is easy to get into the campsite and find a place, even for those with large recreational vehicles. But as is normal, you should drive at walking speed here as at all campsites. The campsite is open in summer.

Need for expansion

In a normal year, there are around 10.000 guest nights. This means that Nyberg feels a strong need to get more space so that they can expand. The mayor of Midtre Gauldal, Sivert Moen, has viewed this positively. Business advisor Knut Magne Lundemo and general manager of the Business Association Aina Reppe believe that this campsite contributes a lot in the area. In the river Igla you can fish, and here you will also find a water trampoline. During the visit, this was occupied by some adults who found it comfortable to enjoy themselves there when it happened to be free. In other words, there is room for both small and large families. The children who come to Gullvåg Camping can have a great time on a large playground with many appliances and a small swimming pool and can also enjoy goats, chickens and rabbits.

Nice and clean

The campsite's sanitary facilities are always golden clean, which gives good points when NBCC's campsite inspectors come on their annual visits. Another important factor that gives good plus points is how Oddfrid, Odd Asbjørn, daughter Hanne and Maja Øiamo receive all the guests. At the reception you are greeted kindly, and it oozes homeliness in the room. There is also a varied and adapted product range. Next door you will find a cozy pizza restaurant where they serve "the best pizza in the valley". It is said that many guests choose this campsite because they get pizza ala Oddfrid, made according to her secret recipes. As a guest at Gullvåg Camping, you also notice that Oddfrid has rather green fingers. It is adorned with lots of flowers all over which makes the place very colorful.

NBCC would like to congratulate the award, and thank you for the good way all road-going camping tourists are received at Gullvåg Camping.

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