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By: Inger and Bjørn Johansen, member no. 86828 in Caravan Club of Sweden
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Caravan Club of Sweden turns 60 years

NBCC's sister organization, celebrated the 60 anniversary in the Mora Park from 27. April to 1. May 2018. Mora Parken / Mora Camping is located by Lake Siljans. A great place, especially in the summer, and is worth a visit. There were 275 units for the anniversary strike, a total of about 550 people.

There were various activities on the different days that one could sign up for. There were bus tours to the Porphyry Museum, Hagström Museum in Älvdalen. Bus trip to Grönklitt with visits to the Predator Park, stop at Saluhallen at Orsa and bus ride to the Dalahestene in Nusnäs. The Mora Park is also the main center for the Vasaloppet and the ski slopes run right through the park, over a bridge and through the city streets of Mora and the finish line in the center of town, just off Mora church. The Zorn Museum is also located in the center of Mora. The campsite park consists of nice flat areas, beaches and play areas for children. Fine showers with free showers. One can keep up with bowling, football, tennis, ice / swimming pool and there are many nice hiking trails around the area.

Walking distance to Mora

It is walking distance to Mora center where one can wade through an area of ​​narrow streets, detached houses of different colors and sizes. Terrific made with also a small square in the middle of the streets. The sun that came during the day was welcome, it warmed and when it went its way behind a cloud or for the evening, it became very cold. On Saturday afternoon, there were various elements of entertainment, talking, gift giving, as well as coffee and cakes.

The mayor from the municipality, the leader from Mora Parken, invited guests and CC's regions around the country spoke and gave their gifts to the jubilee. Per Johansson, who started the «Glade Hudik-teatern» over 20 years ago, gave a lecture. A theater group consisting of the mentally handicapped and ordinary people who work side by side. The show "Elvis" has been seen by over 130.000. There was something to think about in what he said.

Midsummer pole

More entertainment took place during dinner where over 400 participated. Member of 1, a lady of 94 years was also present and told a little about the old days. The man was one of those who started the Caravan Club in Sweden. After that, a midsummer pole was raised in the middle of the dance floor with elements of song and music around it. More common dance was around the bar throughout the evening. A great and nice celebration of the anniversary. It was also made during the meeting different things for children and young people such as disco, song and fairytale, etc. Well received.


Sunday afternoon was troubadour night. Monday night there was a bonfire and barbecue. One was to celebrate the spring that starts on May 1st. "Valborg celebrations", they call it. At least we do not know anything like this in Norway. CC has approx. 27.000 member families as of today and approx. 800 are shop stewards and work for free for the caravan club around Sweden. A beautifully conducted meeting where everyone lives in their "brought houses", only a few used the hotel and cabins in Mora Parken. We wish Caravan Club of Sweden good luck for the next 60 years.

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