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By: Olav Barhaugen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 6, 2016 December

Camping at the museum

Erwin Hymer (1930-2013) was far from the first to build caravans, but he is considered one of the most important for the development of camping on wheels. Not least when it comes to campers.

Today, the Hymer Group is one of the largest players in camping in Europe. Hymer also takes good care of the story, and two years before his death he could open the door to his own museum. 6000 m2 that takes us through the history of the first caravans of the 30 century up to today's models.

The museum is built on two floors and visitors are led by a driving bridge on the second floor for a historical backdrop of camping in various continents. Here we find the first simple caravans in veneers, small cars in aluminum, luxury 60 campers and creative self-built. It is interesting to go around and see developments in camping. In many ways, the big development has not happened. The basic idea is similar, with a box containing seating and sleeping areas as well as cooking and washing facilities. But over the years, both cars and wagons have become more practical and comfortable.

Erwin Hymer Museum is a living museum for the whole family. In addition to the exhibits, you can watch movies and get an insight into how camping life was in the past. There is also a restaurant where you can have a nice meal before moving on. We also recommend a trip through the big store further up the street. There you can see most of today's models of caravans and campers, and shop at the big accessory shop.

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