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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 4, 2015 September

Daftö in Stromstad: Camping Eldorado for CHILDREN and adults

Onto Kosterhavet just south of Stromstad is Daftö camping and playland. The square has received several nominations and is considered one of the best in Sweden. We left Julia and Maria testing children offer of Daftö

Daftö Camping Resort celebrated a few years ago 50 years with significant investments in new facilities, specially designed to attract the younger campers. Daftöland was ready in 2011, and there's mostly a playland should have. Radio Cars, log flume, haunted house with shady characters and much more. During the summer there are various events and activities for young and old. And it will be further out, it runs boat trips to the islands in Kosterhavet National Park with inlaid history of lighthouse keepers who in former times ensured that seafarers could travel safely in waters characterized by islets and reefs.

family business

Square is a family business run by the same family since 1974. By 650 pitches is about half for caravanners, and these constitute Norwegians around 95%. In addition, space 130 cabins. Guest Seats used frequently, around 60% of the visiting guests are Norwegians. The distribution of motorhomes and caravans is about 50 / 50, said director of the space.

The popularity is also due to that there is a well developed playland with numerous and fun for children. Pirathus, inflatables, adventure times, water slides, pirate pool with pirate ships, lookout towers and slides right off a new restaurant branch. And much else is like a paradise for children of all ages.

Seen through the eyes of children

Two girls in the appropriate age, Julia and Maria were BoCMs expert team to test out deals on the square. With eager expectation we went to Daftö, and not long after the party started. Maria and Julia found quickly recovered. First stoppage was timber slide and water slides. Equally amusing each time with water in the hair when the ocean spray as a wall and showers everything and everyone. Tower with freefall simulator was also a favorite. The same was båtsklia, where a boat at high speed down a steep track meets the water surface splash stands. Who cares really about some wet clothes, they dry anyway quickly.

pirate Land

Pirates were lots of and they looked right creepy out. A small tourist train running around the place, and there was also a treasure hunt for children. The sjøroverborgen was erected above the swimming pool, there would come through a bueport. A pirate ship guarding the treasures and the bathers. The water was warm, but the air was unfortunately cold, so swimming opportunities tempted not quite. Moreover, there was so much else to explore the place, so Julia and Maria preferring haunted and spooky castle tower. A walkway of logs suspended in chains was a fun element.

Bouncy castle and games

As befits there was a large pirate-inflatables. Rene trampoline, thought Maria and Julia. The attempts to fish out teddy bears unsuccessful however. But Mary were joined stooor chocolate, then play the houses were not so stupid after all. Although they did little inroads in pocket money budgets. Much joy for money was there nonetheless.

Cramped for space

In high season it is cramped for space, and there were not any places minimum distances between vehicles were observed. Swedish campers are also generally much better at using awnings, and it's always impressive when a whole family bursts loose on rods and sheets, and a huge tent set up in half an hour. However, little feet are too tired. The collection around the table after a long day where Julia and Mary were joined by most of the children prices, showed that most of it was just so slightly older children wish to have: Something happens all the time, they can go from arena to arena and do not get bored a second. And the adults? They can for example gather around barbecue places under roof and conjure up barbecue food such as whole campsite oozed at noon. How has Daftö offer to the vast majority of small and large, and got two new admirers in BoCMs test panel. For the trip gave absolutely appetite, it was both Julia and Maria happily agree.

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