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Text and photo: Magne Storlien
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 2, April 2015

Åråshult - a different camping!

Through a friendly chat during local department notified a few years ago, I was tipped off about a very special camp in Sweden. It is located at Åråshult not far from Gullspång by Vänern. Thus we were three couples who decided to add next weekend there.

Off the beaten track

The campsite is located a few km from Gullspång on the back of Lake Vänern seen from Norway, about 4 km south of Kristinehamn or about 24 km from Indre Østfold. From road 26 there is a sign and you turn onto a crooked road. First over agricultural areas, then through the forest a few km towards Vänern. Just when you regret what you have embarked on and hope that you do not meet anyone on the narrow road, then the forest opens up, and there is Åråshult Camping & Stugby, a small and tempting campsite with just over 20 places.

Legged commander's

Once you arrive at one realizes immediately that this is a different camp. On the roof of the old building that houses the reception there is placed a large stork nest where a stuffed stork carefully watching what happens on the site. The owner has even dug out the many narrow canals and small lakes in the area. All pitches have their own "shoreline", bonfire and barbecue area. Here cost ends up. They were obviously well accustomed to get a treat from camping guests.

We found us a free peninsula with room for our three campers. There we soon visit of the "boss" at the campsite - a nice German Shepherd dog that friendly inspected all new arrivals. We enjoyed ourselves in the afternoon sun before we undertook a inspection tour around the place.

Surprised at utedo'n

The place turned out to be the cleanest museum with an incredible number of old things and other fun to see. Old colored dolok kept the source sorting of rubbish in order! If you fancy a bike ride, just take one of the over 20 old but well-maintained bikes that were unlocked. We used them the next day and cycled two to three km down to the shores of Lake Vänern where there were boats for free use. On an outdoor toilet, a frightened "old man" was sitting on the seat waving his hands when we opened the door. In a couple of buildings we found old cars, motorcycles, mopeds and much more old. For example, a large collection of cassettes with «Swedish dance bands» such as Vikingarna, Sten & Stanley and Streaplers. The cassettes were adorned with pictures of "beautiful" stage outfits.

Camping with museum

At the reception there was also a small bar - honesty. And as mentioned, a stork on the roof! Here needed one no camping card to check in! Outside the front desk was rigged to an old "mack", or gas station. It was obviously timely equipped with old gas pumps where it was an early and So So patinated 60 century Opel Kadett. Some set "gumman" and "old man" and waited to get service. There was also a "miscellaneous trading" where you could buy Vänerlax, a lake salmon is a local delicacy. It is tested and highly recommended.

spiral Whisky

The museum was partly a large collection eggcup. We strolled past also a collection old appliances for the production of strong liquid issues, and we saw a fair tired skipper inside a fishing boat on one of the "lakes" - with a half-empty liquor bottle lying readily available in front of him. In the evening we sat on one of the peninsulas in a cabin with a fireplace right in the room. The wood was free, so we fired up a lot of wood. We enjoyed ourselves there several hours - with affectionately company of camping cat!

retro camping

This was a different and fun camping where one constantly discovered something new when you walked around. Here it is certainly tiles and floor heating in the sanitary facilities. No, here is the good old-fashioned water closet and shower, clean and fine. All pitches have electricity access and the price is certainly affordable. Some underbrush and shrubbery could be styled better, but it was part of the charm of this place. If you travel on the "backside" of Vänern, like old things and are looking for a slightly different camping experience I can definitely recommend browsing to Åråshults Camping - this is a camping you will remember!

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