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Text and photo: Arne Lunde
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 6, 2015 December

With skiing and pirates on the program: Norsjø Ferieland Telemark

At the heart of Telemark, far north of Norsjø, close to attractions like Bø, Norsjø Golfpark, Lifjell and Telemark Canal, you will find Top Camping Square Norsjø Ferieland.

The campsite emerges itself as an attraction including water ski tow and own pirate cove where it played creepy family performances in high season. - The pirates can celebrate 10 anniversary in 2016 and we are writing a new play every year-, says Marita Veum, general manager at the holiday country for the past nine years. She guides us down to the dock where the pirate ship "Sea Fright" is moored, ready for its terrifying business, if not the seven seas, so in any case at Norsjø.

water Surface Lifts

Just beyond pirate pier is a hive of activity in the water ski lift which, according to Marita, attracting users from eight years up to, yes, really unlimited age. - The cover is something that really has put Norsjø map. In 2014 we organized World Championships in wakeboard with 170 participants from 25 nations. Deduction on 550 meters so it's a good walk around. For those who want extra challenges it rails and jumps in the course, explains Marita. With such a construction stage is set for more of a traditional camping.

Shoulder seasons utilized to cater for school groups, teambuilding and assemblies for various interest groups. Dog people, car enthusiasts and motor home people are among those who appreciate met together at the campsite in spring and autumn.

Summer is the best

The season extends from 1. May 1. October. They 120 solid lintels can get the key to the sanitary system off season so they can use the wagons even in winter. But it's summer, which is "all time high" at Norsjø Ferieland.

Not many campsites in innlandet can boast a guest pier and marina, but you can find it here. The explanation is the location by Norsjø which extends 30 kilometers from Skien in the south to Gvarv and Akkerhaugen in the north. Norsjø is part of the Telemark Canal, it makes it possible for boat tourists with salt water under the keel to take the trip up to the locks at Skotfoss and get to Norsjø in an easy way. A slightly different kind of boat holiday that probably more people should try.


For those coming by road, it is set by 150 pitches for motorhomes and caravans. It comes in handy, because the pressure is great in high season. - Many families are here two to three weeks, and many are regulars. Most Norwegian, but also some Dutchmen, Germans and English, said the general manager who hardly get time to be bored during the summer. - It becomes a lifestyle running a place like this. We are 30 employees of the season and I feel that we have a both intimate and intense environment. In late September we finish in style. When standing mutton on the menu, smiles Marita Veum who have brought with them a culinary tradition from Sogndal where she originated.

Norsjø Ferieland was named the year's Top Camping in 2006

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