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Text and photo: Knut Randem,
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2020

Mosjøen camping: An exciting stopover in the middle of Norway

About the middle of Norway lies Mosjøen. Yet not many people stop there for more than one night. Many do not even do it, but you can safely do so, the campsite close to the city is open all year. Now they will change the impression as a transit city. Exciting offers are tempting.

There have been many exciting activities in and around Mosjøen. The city also has its charm and its offerings. More on this further down. It takes only a few minutes to walk into Mosjøen city center from Mosjøen camping. The year-round campsite is versatile, but not many motorhomes and caravans come in winter. Managing Director Tina Wig and owner Bård Bergrem meet the motor home's emissary, who has chosen Mosjøen camping as an accommodation on the way south through Norway. We are part of a trend that is gaining more and more guests in the winter.

American "diner"

Bergrem has operated the site for 27 years and has invested in the development and renewal of the site with a long-term perspective. Next to the reception is the pizza baker's restaurant where you can eat or bring your food. Wall to wall you will find Mosjøen bowling, which also has dining options. The latest growth on the food front is an American "diner". Also, it will eventually be open all year so there are more opportunities to eat at the campsite. Bergrem has an ownership interest in all these eateries and the bowling alley. They are visited by both locals and those who rent in cabins and apartments the campsite manages as well as the camping guests of course.

60 goals on municipal land

Mosjøen camping is on municipal land, but Bergrem is still allowed to operate in a long-term perspective. There are no fasteners and nail tents here. The grass pitches are not cleared in the winter, but a dozen pitches are ready to accommodate guests in motorhomes. But even with its central location, there is plenty of room in the winter. But when the sun comes, there will be more guests as well, they say. In the summer it is fully run, but too many stay for just one night and do not have the opportunity to experience all the new opportunities the area has to offer.

70 seats

- "We have 70 pitches with electricity. We also have eight places where you can drive up to a platform where there is also a fireplace, ”- says Tina Wig. She has been general manager since New Year, but has worked for several years on the site. On the E6 plain, people are allowed to position themselves as best they want. Bergrem has asked the local caravan club if he should make a noise against E6, but has got his thumbs down. Many people like to follow the traffic. Besides, there are many places pulled further back from the main road.

Focuses on young employees

Bergrem is a good adult himself and thinks he needs young, committed employees to keep up with the development. Here they get varied assignments and Bergrem says that he has a nice bunch of employees who have worked here for a long time. - "They can help guests find activities of various kinds," - says Bergrem. - "It is only the campsites that bet that will survive. We intend to survive, "- promises Bergrem, but it is a long-term effort. It is only 200 meters from the campsite to the light trail with ski trails in winter. It is also close to the track for mountain biking and many other activities.

A lot to do

- "The center also has something for everyone with galleries, shops, festivals and a local music scene that often performs. In the summer we have a city train that goes the short way from the campsite and into the city center, "- says Wig. In the center you will find Sjøgata, which consists of Northern Norway's longest series of wooden houses and bridges from the 1800th century. It is one of the city's most famous sights. In the historic city environment there are homes, restaurants, galleries, museums and various shops. Just below Sjøgata, one of the country's best sea trout, Websna, runs out. An art festival is also held here every year. The area is considered the Mosjøen's foremost tourist attraction. But it happens more, much more.

Long zipline

Several times during the conversation, the name "Natural Helgeland" appears. A relatively new company with many nice activities, according to Bergrem and Wig. They take advantage of, among other things, the new attractions the city has to offer; Throw yourself off Norway's longest and most spectacular zipline. It allows you to hover over a length of 700 meters at an astonishing speed. You land safely in the center of Mosjøen. Or you can strap on your climbing equipment, be tense and at the same time know the challenges of mountaineering in the new Mosjøen via ferrata. Natural Helgeland recommends you take the ferrata (adapted climbing route) up and zipline down to town. They also offer kayaking trips on the Internet and caving in the Øyfjellet.


If you take the trip a little out of town, Naturlige Helgeland mountain guide in Børgefjell or Lomsdal-Visten National Park offers, bike rides and rides in ribs to name a few. These are activities in the summer or when there is no snow. In the winter they arrange snowshoeing, dog sledding, summit hikes with or without accommodation as well as ice fishing and scooter rides. In winter, you can also use Mosjøen on your own as a base for powder skiing in the mountains innlandet or leisurely walks on Børgefjell. There are countless opportunities in the area, but a leisurely fishing trip is also not to be despised.

Take the stairs to the mountains

The Helgeland staircase in Mosjøen is probably Norway's longest continuous stone staircase when it is finished. So far, Nepalese Sherps have laid 1700 steps and work is continuing into the summer. The Helgeland staircase goes up Trongskaret to the top of Øyfjellet and was officially opened by Queen Sonja last summer. The stairs are located in a walking area one kilometer from the center.

- "It's easy to stop here for one night, but now we're getting more and more offers. The hope is that guests will see what both we and Mosjøen have to offer and stay an extra night or two, "- says Wig and Bergrem. Mosjøen camping is a member of the camping chain PlusCamp. The 17 places in the chain are open all year, says Bergrem. He is also a member of NAF Camp, NBCC TopCamp and has an agreement with the Norwegian Motor Vehicle Association.

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