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Text and photo: Kristin Smedsrud
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

Children's Camping Festival: The tradition that has become a concept

This is the 15th year the Children's Camping Festival kicks off at Hunderfossen Camping. The festival has become a popular gathering place for small and large families. It's the first Saturday in July and BoCM's reporter is on Dogsfossen Camping to take part in what happens during this year's event. The event which has become a concept and is a tradition for many.

The visit starts in Hunderfossen Family Park, the nearest neighbor to Hunderfossen Camping. Event manager, Johan P. Bjarnaberg, is ready at the gate and welcomes.

Johan would like us to meet some of his guests in there. We start the hike in the park. Surrounded by everything from tractor track, farmhouse, trolls, princesses and fairytale castle to family rafting, swimming pool and adventure cave.

family Offers

The family is important to us in NBCC departments, Gjøvik and the surrounding area, explains Johan. - "Even the smallest in the family should have a good offer. New this year is that NBCC Dept. of Lillehammer and surrounding area are co-organizers. Something that gives us more power to secure the event in the years to come. " Did you open the event last night? Yes, he nods. On arrival, the kids got a free T-shirt and a surprise. Afterwards it catches bowls and soft drinks. Are all the members here in Hunderfossen Family Park today? - "Those who want to come here and there are quite a few" - says Johan. - "The park has a great activity offer. The festival's members are offered good discounts and the park is a popular attraction for small and large. The youths are also offered free access to the climbing park inside the family park. But, there is much else to experience in the surrounding area ”- adds Johan and raises the tour with Skibladner, Lilleputthammer, the Children's Farm and the Olympic Museum.


It is plagued by life everywhere we go. In rafting, the boats are filled with families who laugh and rejoice. We meet Isabella, Grandma Unni and Nicklas who love rafting. - "We go over and over again. The kids never get enough, ”- laughs Grandma Unni. Up in the "Viewing Tower" Kristel and a girlfriend are busy pulling up towards the top. The girls are yelling with joy and looking a little frightened up there in the height. - "It tickles your stomach," - shouts Kristel.

Tribal guests from Sundal

Johan stops and introduces me to a three generations from Sundal. They say this is XNUM. the year in a row they visit the Children's Camping Festival and that this has become an annual tradition. Evelyn Marie in seven likes Trollfallet best and big sister Emma's favorite is rafting. Little brother Casper on three doesn't really know what is most fun.

Big family on tour

Further inside the park we meet a large group from Spydeberg and Mysen. They present themselves as the Espelid family and consist of four generations of which six adults and five children. - "We've been here for six seasons," - Grandpa says proudly. - "We come back every year." -

How do you make room for everyone? - "It's a bit demanding, "he admits. - "So we camp here with two campers and rent a cabin near here to accommodate everyone." -

Bathroom Joy

Gone in the swimming pool is the bustling life and the water spray is in the air. Large and small who frolic with activities and cool down in the summer heat. We meet friends Simone and Kamilla from Kongsvinger and Alvilde from Eidsvoll. They have been vacationing here with family and friends for 10 years. It is as far as they have time to stop for a moment. The biggest favorite of course is the pool. - "Flålypa and rafting are great too!" - shouts Alvilde. - "I am looking forward to the night I like most of the fun going on at the campsite," - a smiling Kamilla concludes before she jumps back into the pool.

Firemen and strong commitment

There are many forces that make sure that the hit is carried out year after year. The team with Johan P. Bjarnaberg in the lead must really be said to be real enthusiasts. We hit the gang down at the campsite, in full swing to prepare for the evening's event. - "The Children's Camping Festival has become a tradition," - says Johan. - "It is especially a group we have had success with; single parents who meet other single parents. They do not have so many arenas where they can meet others in the same situation under social surroundings. Many families come back every year for easy finding new friends here. The proportion of caravans is much larger here than on other hits, ”says Johan Bjarnaberg. - "Here, several generations are gathered and more across marriage and nationalities. So here's the ceiling height, "- he smiles.

Party night at the campsite

Most have found their way back to the campsite. The evening sun lights up the place which is beautifully situated along the river bank. Small and large gather out on the plain for play and activities. Some of the kids are doing horseshoes and are helped to maneuver the heavy horseshoes that will hit the stick. Others are just spectators or relax in the evening sun. Outside the motorhome, little Amanda has taken a break after a long day. She is with her grandparents "Mone and Beppe". Stine Kristiansen and Ragnar Bjørntvedt have brought their grandchild for the first time to the Children's Camping Festival. Now she is looking forward to meeting Trollgeir and Uncle Nut.

Evening arrangement is prepared

It is set up for photography for this year's picture of the kids. Everyone has put on the jerseys and willingly poses for the photographers. The party will soon start with a family show at the campsite. The children are eagerly waiting for "Uncle Nut and Trollgeir". Trollgeir is 104 years old and only a little boy, but Uncle Nut is 647 years old! I meet them down the road and they willingly pose for the photographer. They chat loudly among themselves, grin broadly and wonder a lot about how they will troll and fool around with the kids. Here it must be tricked! Two rather messy and crazy trolls. No wonder young and old find this fun. - «The Children's Camping Festival is highly recommended. We welcome everyone in 2019, »- Johan concludes.

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