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BY: Johan Bjarnaberg
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2022

Children's Camping Festival 2021: The meeting place for families with children in NBCC

The Children's Camping Festival was held at Hunderfossen Family Camping from Friday 25-27. June 2021 and we as organizers are sitting back very satisfied. From a purely financial point of view, it wasn't a success, but that's OK. In the midst of a pandemic, we have carried out a match we can be proud of. With a few small adjustments to the program, we felt it was within our reach to carry out and our guests also completely agreed with that. Everyone enjoyed themselves and everyone we spoke to would be happy to return in 2022 as well.

The Children's Camping Festival started in 2004 and the event is now approaching its 20th anniversary. An anniversary we are looking forward to because this has become a meeting place for families with children Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club. So far we have had guests from almost all of Norway. We only need guests from Troms og Finnmark then we have covered the whole of Norway. We have all types of families who visit us with their children, and many of the parents are of foreign origin. Quite a few return year after year and now that it has been going on for almost 20 years, even the oldest children from the start come to visit with their families and their children. In total, we have had almost 2000 children as guests, with an average of over 100 children per year.

Integration and friendship

It is particularly pleasing that we have had so many guests visit where at least 1 of the parents has foreign origins. This has only made the meeting better and in many ways richer

for everyone involved. It is magical to see how the extended family enjoys themselves together, children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents and more. Many children get together at the Children's Camping Festival and that is not unnatural. Most of the children are between 3 and 12 years old and when 100 children or more meet, new friendships are established.

The event brings together

We adults do this because we have the same interest in camping life. Otherwise we wouldn't have been there in the first place. The event brings us together. The children bring us together.

The only difference is that we, as organizers, like to make arrangements for this to happen and we enjoy ourselves. We are also very happy about the support we get from many departments in Norsk Bobil og Caravan Club. The departments Askim and surroundings, Oslo. Many of these meet for the first time at our events. This in turn can be the start of lifelong friendships also within the individual department.


However, there are some members who want to take the opportunity to get a reasonable weekend through this support and try to sign up without their own children or accompanied by their own grandchildren. These are rejected because this is not an arena for parties. We are responsible organizers of large quantities of alcohol and children together is not a good combination. During last year's meeting, we used to welcome the guests by inviting them to us on the Friday evening. In 2021, we chose to come to them to welcome them. We did not want to gather large numbers of people in a small area, so we chose to let Trollgeir and Onkel Nut visit all the guests at their homes by the caravan or motorhome. Now it was true that there was a long line of children following the trolls, but the children enjoyed themselves and so did we. We ourselves believe that this was better in terms of infection control than gathering everyone for a common welcome.

Infection control measures

On arrival, we had a reception set up with infection protection walls and hand sanitizer in place. Good distance for everyone to feel comfortable. We handed out welcome bags with some information, the programme, welcome gifts and ordered tickets in the park before accompanying our guests to their designated place. A place they have during the entire meeting. On Saturday we were in Hunderfossen Family Park and here it is impossible and not enjoyable. New attraction almost every year and if you come to our meeting every two years, we can almost guarantee new experiences. The children are also 2 years older and see old attractions with new eyes.

Lottery and winnings

Our big hit lottery has probably never been more extensive and many were excited to see if they won, but the most impatient had to wait too, until after the show with our dear trolls down at the campsite. These characters are distinctive and strike the adults as much as the children and they have their own ability to get everyone involved. Even the little ones, who we thought would be a little scared, are there and clearly show that they are enjoying themselves, too. Many of the prizes during the lottery have been purchased and we spend a lot of money on buying prizes. We don't like to beg, but rather buy at a discount. This year more than ever and many of the winners were clearly happy and we thank everyone who bought

draw again.

Hunderfossen 2022

We will be at Hunderfossen again on the 25th-27th. June 2022. Follow along on our Facebook page. If you have visited us before, you will be invited. Feel free to contact us at if you want to know more about this year's event. Advertisements will be shared by Head Office as soon as they are ready.

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