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By: Mats, Evjua Strandpark

Lots of new and exciting at Evjua Strandpark

The panoramic cabins "a little out in Lake Mjøsa" are probably the biggest news. Here you get the sunset right into the bed if you want, and a large terrace where Lake Mjøsa splashes under your feet. The view alone is worth an overnight stay here!

Evjua Strandpark has also upgraded with 12 new panoramic spaces, with a beautiful outdoor area covered with artificial grass. Up on the panoramic row you get a little above everyone else, and have a lovely view over Lake Mjøsa towards Hamar.

A new restaurant manager is in place Viken II, and he gets brilliant feedback daily. There is a wider menu than before, and here everyone will find a delicacy that suits both taste buds and wallet. On the top deck, a beautiful wooden deck has been laid.

Book a place?

If you want to book a motorhome place, you can do this easily or telephone 958 13 385 (key 2).

Cabins can be booked via

Brewing concert

On Friday 12 August, the stage is set for a BREWING CONCERT with Lewi Bergrud


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