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Enjoy your camping holiday in Norway!

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Selected campsites

Fossumsanden Camping

+47 98 22 49 14
Fyresdalsvegen 541
3870 Fyresdal

Rondane Haukliseter Fjellhotell

+47 61 23 37 17
Haukelisetervegen 31
2673 Høvringen

Camp Saltstraumen - Elvegård

47 915 25 901
Straumøyaveien 70
8056 Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen Camping

+47 75 58 75 60
8056 Saltstraumen

Bogen Feriehus

+47 48 06 63 94
Horsfjordveien 23
7982 Bindalseidet

Sigernessjøen Familiecamping

+47 40 60 11 22
Strengelsrudvegen 1
2210 Granli

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- Hilde, general manager of Fortunaweb AS

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Norwegian Motorhome and Caravan Club is Norway's largest and oldest interest organization for you with a caravan or motorhome. NBCC works every day for a better camping experience for its members.

Motorhome and Caravan Magazine is published by NBCC and Campingportalen has full access to all the great articles that are published so that we can give our visitors lots of exciting reading material. We encourage everyone to join NBCC.

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A big thank you is sent to Torunn who with a steady hand for several years now has made sure that Campingportalen and Fortunaweb AS gets a great presentation in Bobil and Caravan Magasinet.